Suede backers now optional for all holsters

Those of you that have been following us closely know that for a couple weeks now, we’ve offered an optional suede backed leather backer on our Protos holster, and many of you have been asking about the suede upgrade for our ACE-1 Gen 2. This is why we’re happy to announce that as of now, we are offering an optional suede upgrade on all holsters, Protos and ACE-1 Gen 2.

Our company was founded on the idea that we could build something better than what was already available on the market. We’ve remained committed to that vision. We never want to sell a product to you unless we’re confident that it is in some way better than what is already available. That remains true with our suede backers.

The suede backer is much more than just a cosmetic upgrade. As with all changes we make to our products, our suede backers have been tested thoroughly, both in house, and with a network of beta testers. Everyone in our testing network agreed, the suede was an improvement. It increases comfort and padding, while not increasing the overall width of the backer appreciably. It also had the unintended benefit of increased holster stability, as the soft texture of the suede provides more “bite” on the backer.

To make one of our suede backers, we take one of our single layer backers, split it down, so as to not increase the overall thickness of the finished backer, adhere a custom cut piece of suede to it, and stitch the edges with high strength polyester thread. At that point, most of the structural work is done, with cosmetic work left. The edges are then beveled, sealed with edge coating, and burnished. It is then finished with our typical cycles of waxing and buffing for a smooth, clean finish on the face of the backer.

Because of the additional workload, and that we didn’t want to increase our prices for those that are perfectly happy with a normal single-layer backer, the suede backer is currently an optional upgrade, with a price increase of $20.00.



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