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Choosing the right holster for concealed carry can be a challenge; many gun owners can attest to that with a box full of old holsters. To help simplify and guide your search, here are three things you should consider when buying your next holster: comfort, convenience, and confidence.

The Three C’s

If your holster is not comfortable to wear, convenient to use, or does not allow you to carry with complete confidence,you are not likely to carry your gun consistently. So, if you have committed to always being prepared, make sure that you find a holster that will ensure that you can keep that commitment.


No matter the handgun you choose to conceal, your holster should allow you to carry it all day without discomfort or distraction. Comfort is key for concealment because it will prevent you from frequently readjusting your holster and drawing attention to your weapon.

A comfortable holster will also allow you to keep your focus on your surroundings instead distracting you with occasional rubbing or jabbing; such discomfort will likely cause you to carry less often or stop carrying all together.


While comfort is important, it is critical that you find a holster that is convenient both to wear and to use in training; your holster won’t be much good if you can’t wear it due to your dress or can’t easily train with it.

When dressing in professional attire you will need a holster that you can conceal with a tucked shirt. You will also need a holster that will allow you to both quickly draw and smoothly holster your handgun, with only one hand, when you train.


The last C, confidence, is the most important consideration. Your holster should give you the confidence that it will perform flawlessly, both on a day-to-day basis as it is worn and during training when you are drawing and holstering your weapon.

You must be absolutely certain that your weapon is secure on your body and will never move from concealment until it is intentionally drawn. If that moment should arise due to an immediate threat, you also need to be sure that you can access your handgun quickly and efficiently.

The Black Arch Solution

Most holsters manufacturers offer a unique solution to one or two of the three C’s. Black Arch Holsters, however, is not interested in a novel solution that only partially meets the needs of our customers. Here is how the venerable ACE-1 Gen 2 holster excels at all three:


  • Available suede backer option to minimize rubbing
  • Comfort Curve design fits the natural curve of your body
  • Adjustable height and cant to fit your body type and carry style
  • Multiple sizes of leather backers eliminate bulk and ensure an optimal size


  • Adjustable retention gives you the perfect draw
  • Flared opening enables easy one-handed holstering
  • Sweat guard allows for a full shooting grip before drawing
  • Tuckable belt clips allow you to wear your holster even with a tucked shirt


  • Premium leather for a lifetime of wear
  • Precision molded Kydex for a perfect fit
  • .093” thick Kydex for a nearly indestructible shell
  • Kevlar stitching and brass rivets for rugged durability



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Jaime Schulz
Jaime Schulz

January 28, 2017

Do you make a IWB holster for M&p shield with a armalaser TR4 G? Thanks


December 13, 2016

Any plans to make a holster for the Honor Defense Honor Guard 9mm?

Elky Monroe
Elky Monroe

June 25, 2016

Excellent holsters, Clay. Thank you for your work.

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