July 03, 2018

We're excited to introduce our all new mesh backed Single Clip Protos-M® and Protos Classic holsters!

These mesh backed holsters are slightly different than our Dri-Matrix™ backers available on our ADM™ and Dual-Clip Protos-M® lines of holsters in that there's no ventilating mesh on the front side of the holsters.

In designing our breathable holsters, we never want to allow moisture to wick away from your body onto your gun. This can occur when there is a direct path of ventilation from your body to the gun.

On our ADM™ and Dual-Clip Protos-M® lines, we're able to accomplish this by directing the airflow and moisture away from the gun, and out the mesh panels on the front side of the holster. With our single clip holsters, we've always just made the backings as small as possible, so there is simply nowhere on the backer that isn't directly underneath the gun. We do this because no matter how many holes we cut through the backing, nothing is as breathable as having nothing there. So we rely on the natural moisture-wicking properties of the spacer mesh to direct moisture out the sides of the holster. 

Our new mesh backed holsters paired with our patent-pending 3/4 Hybrid technology makes the perfect combo for your summer weather concealed carry needs!

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