Clip Bundle

This bundle includes four different pairs of attachment options for your holster: one pair of J clips, one pair of Polymer Clips, one pair of Griphooks and one pair or Ulticlip3+. Also included is a complete set of mounting hardware.

J Clips

  • These clips measure approximately 2.5" long and can accommodate belts as  big as 1.75" wide
  • Steel J clip goes between garment and belt with the J hook going under the belt      


      Polymer Clips

      • Rounded finish protects upholstery and clothing
      • These clips measure approximately 3.25" long and can accommodate belts as big as 1.75" wide

      Griphook 1.5"

      • The Griphook is an extremely durable clip options that is still easy to take on and off, but provides a more solid hook around your belt 
      • These clips work great for our single clip Protos-M and can also be used on any of our dual clip IWB holsters as well


      • Provides the same great retention and concealment as found in the original Ulticlip
      • Ulticlip3+ has a flat mounting area with 2 slots and 1 hole allowing for multiple mounting options.  The mounting hole and slots allow up to 1.70″ hole spacing
      • Attaches behind the belt to your pants