Protos-M® Revolver

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  • UNMATCHED COMFORT- The flexibility of Dri-Matrix™ ensures that your holster adapts to you, while keeping the both you and your gun dry.
  • CONSISTENT RETENTION- Using our Patent Pending "3/4 Hybrid" system you get consistent, adjustable retention not seen on traditional hybrid OWB holsters. 
  • NO BULK-Featuring a custom designed backer for each handgun, you don't have to worry about extra bulk, this helps reduce printing and increase comfort.
  • ADJUSTABLE- You can adjust cant, right height, and retention to get your perfect fit.

The Protos-M® Revolver is numbered among the smallest dual clip hybrid holsters in the industry. Each holster is custom designed for your particular handgun, which reduces bulk and increases comfort. You will find that our adjustable retention and flared mouth ensure safe and quick access to your handgun. 

Each Protos-M® shell and Dri-Matrix™ backer is custom designed for your particular handgun. This ensures proper coverage of handgun without increasing its size. Our leading competitor's holster is over 53% larger than the Protos-M®. 

    **Click here to learn more about our patented Dri-Matrix™ technology**