Light/Laser Bearing ACE Dri-Matrix™ (ADM)


Due to much popular demand, we finally have weapon mounted light compatible holsters on our ADM line of holsters! We are releasing new light and laser setups in order of popularity. If you don't see your preferred setup here, please check back frequently and message us to request a specific setup.

The ACE Dri-Matrix™ holster, or ADM, combines our patent-pending Dri-Matrix™ breathable backer technology with elements of our popular holster, the ACE-1. 

  • Versatility - The ADM is available now for over 300 different handgun models!
  • Breathable - Our patent-pending Dri-Matrix™ wicks moisture away from your body, while keeping your gun safe and dry.
  • Comfort - Our Dri-Matrix™ backers feature variable thickness, 3D Mesh to make it the most comfortable holster on the market today.