OWB Kydex Holster

You probably know the difference between an OWB holster and an IWB holster. An OWB holster is worn Outside the Waistband, while an IWB holster is worn Inside the Waistband. The advantage of IWB holsters is that your pants help conceal the gun, only the top portion of which has to be concealed with an outer garment. The advantage of OWB holsters, however, is that they are more comfortable for daily wear and allow for an easier, faster draw. This is why OWB holsters are popular for competition, but it's also why so many citizens who carry concealed rely on Kydex OWB holsters for their Glock, Sig, Springfield, and other popular pistols. Whether you carry a Glock, a Sig Sauer, a Springfield, or some other pistol, the best choice for your Glock, your Sig Sauer, your Springfield, or whatever other pistol you carry is often an OWB Kydex holster.

Do you carry a Glock, a Springfield, or some other popular pistol? Sure, there are other pistols on the market besides Glock, Sig Sauer, and Springfield... but honestly, aren't Glock, Sig, and Springfield among some of the most popular options? Take a look the next time you're at the range. How are your fellow shooters carrying their Glock, Sig Sauer, and Springfield pistols? A lot of them  are carrying OWB, and that means Kydex holsters for OWB carry. Kydex holsters for OWB are a standard of the industry and, when you look at Kydex holsters for your Glock, Sig, or Springfield, there are a lot of reasons your Glock, Sig Sauer, or Springfield belongs in a Kydex holster.

Why OUR Kydex OWB Holsters?

Before we talk about Kydex OWB holsters in general, let's talk about why Black Arch Holsters should be your choice. Our Protos-M model is a major leap forward in hybrid holster OWB design. It offers unmatched comfort thanks to the flexibility of the leather (which moves with you), while our patented "3/4 Hybrid" system offers consistent, adjustable retention not seen on more conventional hybrid OWB holsters. This holster has no bulk, making the Protos-M one of the finest, most innovative hybrid OWB Kydex holsters on the market.

Our all new Rev-Con™ Kydex OWB holster, meanwhile, is a reversible and convertible holster that's perfect for any situation. It is reversible for right- or left hand shooters and convertible for OWB or IWB, appendix or strong side carry, with an adjustable cant up to 15 degrees. Like our Protos-M holster, it offers adjustable retention, and a flared opening for easier re-holstering. The Rev-Con isn't a hybrid holster; it's a next-generation all Kydex holster that is perfect for appendix carry in its zero degree cant configuration. It also offers an optional holster wing for additional concealment.

Why A Hybrid Kydex OWB Holster?

You could buy an all-Kydex OWB holster, sure, and there are plenty out there... but have you considered a hybrid OWB holster? Our Protos model, for example, has a leather belt slide connected to the Kydex holster itself. Hybrid Kydex OWB holsters offer you the best of both worlds. Hybrid Kydex OWB holsters give you the retention and precise fit of Kydex without thumb breaks, snaps, or straps. You also get the flexibility of less rigid materials (like leather, for example) that conform to your body when it comes to actually wearing the Kydex OWB holster. The result is that you get the best of both possible worlds: A Kydex OWB holster that keeps your gun in place, allows for quick access, and is very comfortable to carry concealed all day long. The leather moves with you, while the Kydex offers consistent retention with no additional bulk. What could be better? 

Some Things To Consider About Your Kydex OWB Holster

A few things to consider about Kydex OWB holsters include some basic facts about Kydex as a material. Kydex is a thermoplastic that can be molded at relatively low temperatures. This means it is durable and will serve you for a lifetime... as long as you don't, say, leave your Kydex OWB holster on the dash of a locked car on a 100-degree day. Extreme heat can cause the material to loosen, so take the same basic care with your holster as you would with anything else you carry.

Your Kydex OWB holster is also intended for weapons meant to becarried. This means it is not the right material for, say, "safe queen" pistols that must never take a scratch or scuff. If grit and other debris work their way into a Kydex holster, this might result in minor finish wear, because Kydex doesn't have the same "give" that leather or Nylon does.

For a working gun, a daily carry gun, Kydex OWB holsters are the perfect choice. They give you a custom fit with perfect retention that allows for safe, one-hand reholstering. With basic care they will last for a lifetime, never mildewing or corroding (Kydex, as a plastic, doesn't do that). Thanks to the custom fit, your Kydex OWB holster will also be as "minimal" as you need it to be, with no extra material to bulk it up and make it harder to carry. This is the perfect OWB concealed carry or competition holster solution in an affordable package.

About Black Arch Holsters (Including Our Kydex Holsters)

Based out of Logan, Utah, Black Arch Holsters (formerly SHTF Gear) produces the best possible CCW equipment and OWB Kydex holsters to support those who live ready to defend family, community, and self. We were founded in 2010 and are now a leading manufacturer of hybrid holsters and concealment accessories, including Kydex OWB holsters and accessories.

What makes our OWB Kydex holsters different? Black Arch offers you selection, speed, and quality. We are committed to providing you with the CCW equipment, holsters, and accessories you need, when you need them, and with exceptional quality. Carry your gun, magazines, and accessories with confidence when you carry with Black Arch.