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Other IWB holsters either allows your gun to get moisture on it, or seals sweat in, keeping it on your body. We created a holster that wicks sweat away from your body while protecting your pistol from moisture!


  • Corrosion Prevention – Many breathable holsters we tested allow moisture to travel through the holster and condense on your gun making it rust and corrode. Dri-Matrix™ technology prevents condensation while still wicking moisture away.
  • Comfort –Dri-Matrix™ backers are designed to wick moisture away from your body, keeping you both dry and comfortable.
  • Durability – Synthetic meshes used on other holsters snag and shred! We use a combination of soft, breathable meshes and durable, abrasion-resistant leather to achieve the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and breathability. 


We looked around for quite some time to find what we thought was a suitable breathable IWB holster. We found some very good options out there, but time and again, we found the same two issues cropping up.

First, in our testing, we found that some holsters allow breathability underneath a plastic shell, allowing sweat to wick directly from your body, through the holster, and onto your pistol, which makes for a bad day. Second, we found that the synthetic meshes and textiles we tested, from tightly woven nylons to high-durability meshes often got snagged or shredded through repeated drawing and holstering. We knew that if we were going to make a great product, it had to address those two issues, so we got to work!

This diagram depicts how condensation and sweat can go directly from your body, through the backer, to the gun. If the backer is breathable underneath the plastic shell, it makes for a greenhouse effect, trapping the very moisture it was supposed to get rid of. This is what we wanted to avoid.

In order to avoid the condensation issue, we had to be super particular and precise in designing the backers for the holster. This required us to get new equipment, learn new skills, and test over a hundred different materials before settling on a final design. 

What we ended up with is a one to one fit, where each backer is custom designed for a particular gun, so we could make the whole holster as small as possible (because the first step to a breathable holster is putting as little holster against your body as possible), and so we could maximize the area of the backer that is breathable, while still protecting the pistol from moisture.

For the breathability, we created special, breathable panels to direct your sweat out and away from your pistol. In essence, our patent-pending Dri-Matrix breathable backer keeps you dry, and keeps your gun dry.

Thanks to the awesome, state-of-the-art materials used in our Dri-Matrix technology, sweat is wicked laterally, from underneath the gun out toward the breathable panels, so your body stays dry all over, not just underneath the panels.

Our laterally wicking mesh also makes a great cushion! Because of it, we were able to create variable contours across the backer, because we believe that the holster should be soft and form to your body, not the other way around. 

Our breathable panels also helped solve the second issue we needed to fix, the holster needing a durable, snag-free face. Because the breathable areas couldn’t be underneath the gun, that allowed us to use a much more durable material than any synthetic mesh, so we used leather. 

We tried all different kinds of synthetic meshes and textiles, but at the end of the day, none of them worked as well as leather. Leather is naturally snag free. Even if there is a cut or snag in the leather though, that doesn’t easily lead to more damage like in a textile. After countless hours of both laboratory and real world abrasion tests, leather came out on top, so we of course chose it as the face of our new backers.

In essence, we chose leather for the same reasons makers of the toughest, most durable boots still do: it simply cannot be beat for abrasion resistance and durability.