Black Arch Holsters


Your holster shouldn't hold you back or slow you down. 

That's one of the simple principles we operate under here at Black Arch Holsters. This means that your Black Arch Holster is built to last. Each holster is designed and built from the ground up with durability, longevity, and comfort. 

  • Durable Materials - We use only the most durable of materials, including abrasion resistant suede and leather, and robust .093 Kydex, the industry gold standard.

  • Comfort - Our proprietary comfort curve technology, soft suede backing, and all unnecessary mass, making it one of the most unobtrusive holsters on the market.
  • Peace of Mind - Between our lifetime warranty, and 60 return policy , you can rest easy. If you holster ever breaks or wears out, we've got your back.