Holster Design

The ACE-1 Gen 2 holster was designed specifically for concealed carry. Its refined design eliminates unnecessary bulk and offers maximum concealability. Each holster is meticulously molded, riveted, and stitched to provide an extremely reliable platform for daily use. This reliability allows the user to carry his or her weapon with complete confidence. 

There are many things that make the ACE-1 Gen 2 holster different. What makes it the best hybrid holster is our extreme attention to detail and the combination of features included in each holster:

Kevlar Stitching


The natural yellow color of our Kevlar stitching is what makes our holsters stand out from the competition. Kevlar isn't for looks though, it’s for dependability. We use Kevlar thread in conjunction with rivets and screws to build each holster. This combination of hardware and Kevlar provides incredible strength and durability.

This innovative method of attachment spreads any tension on the leather over a much greater surface area, reducing focused stress points that can build if only using a few rivets or screws. This means that the leather is prevented from pulling away from the Kydex shell over time and stretching; this ensures a consistent draw throughout the life of the holster. Interestingly, it was also this high-strength construction that made the unique design of the Comfort Curve possible.

Comfort Curve

The most significant change to our holsters since they were first introduced in 2010 was the development of the Comfort Curve. This unique design provides greater comfort by creating a curve in the normally flat backside of the holster. While this subtle curve can be seen in the leather backer, it is actually created by a complex forming process that changes the angle on the side of the Kydex shell. The resulting curve in the leather helps the holster fit the natural curve of your waist, rather than forcing the leather to conform to your body over time.

Flared Mouth

Holstering your weapon is aided by the design of the Kydex on the ACE-1. Each Kydex shell, regardless of holster, is formed with a flared opening. This feature is small but makes a world of difference in usability because the flared mouth helps to guide the muzzle of your gun back into the holster. The flare also makes one-handed holstering easier by holding your belt away from the mouth of the holster. While the flare was designed for functionality, it gives the added benefit of safety because it prevents you from needing to point the muzzle toward your body in order to holster your gun.

Full Slide Coverage

The design of our Gen 2 holsters was improved by providing full coverage of the slide or barrel of each gun. Regardless of the gun for which your holster is formed, the Kydex will extend to within ¼ inch of the muzzle. This coverage protects the gun and greatly reduces the possibility of it being dislodged.

Buffed Edges

We buff each Kydex shell by hand before mounting it to the leather. The buffing process rounds each edge and gives the shell a smooth feel and finished look. This ensures that training with your holster is comfortable and that your gun is less likely to snag a sharp edge and get hung up while you’re trying to holster your weapon.

.093” Kydex

Kydex is the perfect material for building holsters: it’s scratch resistant, low friction, and exceptionally strong. We’ve updated our ACE-1 Gen 2 holsters with thicker, stronger .093” Kydex. It’s thin enough to form high-precision shells but thick enough to hold up to years of daily use.

Precision Molded

Each holster ordered is precision molded for the customer's selected gun. Our multi-stage molding process yields Kydex shells with extremely high definition. This definition ensures the best fit possible for your gun.

Premium Leather

We source all of our leather from the leading North American producer of vegetable-tanned leather. Their tannery has been creating the finest quality leathers for discerning customers worldwide for over 120 years. While they already make great leather, we have them go a step further and plate the leather (a process that requires heat and extremely high pressure) so that it’s firmer and more dense. The increased density of the leather means that the grains are tighter and more resistant to sweat, similar to horsehide. This truly premium leather allows us to build holsters that are comfortable and reliable, even for customers in very humid climates.

Sweat Shield

The leather backers on our holsters were carefully designed to ensure that you can get a full grip on your gun before you ever draw. This design also protects your gun day-to-day from moisture as you sweat.  Interestingly, it was the design of our holster with its unique “combat” cut that gave the ACE-1 (Always Combat Effective) its name. The original ACE-1 was the first hybrid holster to offer this cut of sweat shield as a standard feature.

Custom Sizes

Since each holster is custom made, we have designed a wide range of leather backers that we can use to create the ideal size of holster for your gun. Each piece of leather is cut to ensure that the muzzle of your gun will be fully protected, you will be able to get a full grip on your gun before drawing, and that there is no extra bulk.

Beveled Edges

After a leather backer is cut, embossed with our logo, and slotted for T-nuts, it is then beveled by hand. This small detail helps to give each of our holsters a smooth, rounded edge so that they are as comfortable as possible. To give the beveled edge a finished look, it is then very carefully dyed by hand to match the deep black of the surface of the leather.

Waxed Leather

Before mounting the leather backer to the Kydex shell, each piece is carefully waxed and then buffed by hand. This final step polishes and helps to prepare the leather for a lifetime of use. It’s just one of the many ways we ensure that you receive the best quality holster possible.


Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. We selected T-nuts, along with rubber washers, to mate with the screws on our holsters so that they would hold tight and avoid loosening from the rigors of daily wear. What makes our T-nut system unique is that our holsters come pre-slotted to accept the teeth on the T-nuts so that you can easily shift the clips on your holster up or down as needed. It may not sound like much but it makes all the difference when you unbox your holster for the first time and can simply move the T-nuts to a different hole to change the cant or ride height.

Powder Coated Clips

Our powder coated steel clips are the top of the line when it comes to holster attachments. They are low profile, incredibly strong, and corrosion resistant. These clips (as well as our Lock Loops) were specifically chosen because they allow you to wear your holster with your shirt tucked in. The powder coating further enhances these clips, making them less abrasive and less likely to snag on clothing than standard steel clips. The matte finish also gives these clips a discreet appearance that helps them disappear on black belts. 

Adjustable Retention

We responded to customer requests in the development of our Gen 2 holster to provide adjustable retention. Our holsters are made to have proper retention right out of the box, however this new design allows you to fine-tune the retention if desired. Two small screws next to the trigger guard make it possible for you to easily increase or decrease the level of retention.

Adjustable Ride Height

The ride height, or the level at which your holster is worn, can be easily adjusted by moving the clips on our holsters up or down. Each holster has three to four holes that allow for 1.5 to 2 inches of adjustment.

Adjustable Cant

The cant, or angle that your guns sits in your waistband, can also be adjusted by moving the location of the clips on our holsters. Each holster comes with 15 degrees of cant but can easily be adjusted from 0 to about 35 degrees.

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