Holster of the Week

*Please note, all product photos are adjusted on a color calibrated monitor to reflect accuracy. We cannot however, guarantee the accuracy of your own display. Note that smartphones often over-saturate colors*

Here you can find our Instagram holster of the week! Our holster of the week is a custom color combination we've featured on our Instagram page (@BlackArchHolsters), but at a discount! Here, you can get the same color combination, but made for your particular gun. Please note that this deal is only for this exact color combination. For different color combinations, please see the normal listing here. 

The holster of the week is available in all of our Dri-Matrix holsters, including our dual clip Protos-M holster, and our Ace Dri-Matrix, or ADM. The Protos-M features our 3/4 Hybrid System, which you can learn more about here, but is only available for our top 70 handgun models, while the ADM is available for over 300 different handgun models.

This offer ends weekly on Sunday night at 9:00 PM Mountain Time. The new week's holster will be made available every Monday morning by 11:00 AM Mountain Time. Watch our Instagram account for updates!

This week, our holster has our brown top leather,sage grey front mesh, and a OD green kydex shell.

Normal price, with customization, starts at $81.80, now starting at only $74.95!


**No Color Substitutions**