Open Ballistics Canik TP9-SF Elite Magazine Sleeves

This magazine sleeve is designed to fit standard Canik 18 round magazines when used in the Canik TP9-SF Elite.

The Elite has a shorter grip than the rest of the TP9 line of pistols. The standard 18 round magazines will fit in it, but will leave a gap of about 1/2" between the end of the magazine and the end of the grip. This simply slides over your magazine to fill that gap.

We currently can make these in Bright Green, Dark Grey, Blue, Black, and Red.


Print your own by downloading files for free HERE!

But if you don't have a printer, we'd be happy to print one up for you.  The printed parts are functional but you may want to do additional hand finishing.

These parts are printed on a Lulzbot Mini using ABS filament with high speed settings shown below

  • Fill Density- 20%
  • Bottom/Top Thickness-0.8 mm
  • Shell Thickness- 1.0 mm
  • Layer Height- .38 mm

Please remember that these are printed on a consumer-grade 3D Printer. You will be able to see and feel individual layers.


In the interest of transparency, here is an approximate breakdown of our costs.

Price Break Down

Filament Use- 5 Grams

Filament Cost- $0.20

Printing Time- 13 Minutes

Setup Time- 4 Minutes