Protos-M Backers

***Notice: this product is not a complete holster, just a leather backer for a Protos holster.***


The Protos-M or Protos Classic modular kydex shell is able to be moved between different backers, allowing for different configurations, a Single-Clip IWB, a Dual-Clip IWB, an OWB, and a hook and loop mounted static backer. Each set of backers is designed for a specific gun in order to provide the best fit possible. As such, you will need to select both backer style and gun model.

If you don't already own a Protos holster, you will need to purchase that separately to have a full holster. 

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When designing the Protos-M backer, we tried to eliminate as much unnecessary bulk as possible. As such, the Dual-Clip IWB Protos-M backer is an average of 25% smaller than the equivalent ACE-1 Gen 2 backer, which already has one of the smallest footprints in its class of holster.

Further, our premium suede-backed leather comes standard on all IWB Protos-M backers, while our OWB backers feature dual layers of custom rolled, American cowhide.