Protos-M® Box Set



Check out the ACE Dri-Matrix™ with support for over 300 handguns configurations!


The Protos-M by Black Arch Holsters is a major leap in hybrid holster design with no equal on the market.

  • UNMATCHED COMFORT- The flexibility of leather ensures that your holster moves with you
  • CONSISTENT RETENTION- Using our Patent Pending "3/4 Hybrid" system you get consistent, adjustable retention not seen on traditional hybrid OWB holsters. 
  • NO BULK-Featuring a custom designed backer for each handgun, you don't have to worry about extra bulk, this helps reduce printing and increase comfort.

The Protos-M Box Set is for those that want to take advantage of the entire Protos-M line. It includes one kydex shell for your gun, a dual clip Dri-Matrix breathable backer,a suede single clip backer,an Outside-the-Waistband backer, and all of our clip and mounting options (see below for complete inventory list).This allows you almost limitless customization options to find your perfect setup for each of changing situations life throws at you!

Each Protos-M Kydex shell and leather backer is custom designed for your particular handgun. This ensures proper coverage of handgun without increasing its size.  





Complete inventory list-

1 x Protos-M Kydex Shell
1 x Single Clip IWB leather backer
1 x Dual Clip IWB Dri-Matrix breathable backer
1 x OWB Leather backer
2 x Polymer (Delrin) clips (comes pre-attached to holster)
2 x Steel J-Clips
2 x Steel "High Ride" clips
2 x Steel Powder coated clips
2 x Tan Lock Loops
2 x Black Lock Loops
2 x Clips for the single clip configuration
1 x Extra complete hardware set (screws, t-nuts, and spacers for mounting the kydex shell to the backer)
1 x Screwdriver 
Each clip and loop also includes the necessary mounting hardware.