Tuckable Single-Point Clip

When we set out to find a clip for our Single-Clip IWB, we couldn't find an ideal solution anywhere. We had several criteria:

  • Tuckable - A tuckable holster is a real game changer for many, allowing them to carry concealed in many more places.
  • Adjustable - On the Protos-M, the way we're able adjust the cant is from the shape of the screw slots on the clip.
  • Stable - Since it's a single-clip holster, that clip has to be wide enough to provide a stable platform for your holster.

We couldn't find a suitable option anywhere on the market, so we did what we usually do, we helped create a solution. We partnered with another Utah company, TacWare, to design and manufacture the clip to our exact specifications, making it the best possible solution for our holster.