Black Arch Horizontal Magazine Carrier

Our second generation Horizontal Magazine Carrier (HMC) ensures that an extra magazine is always within reach. The HMC is designed for discreet carry and mounts horizontally to your belt for superior comfort. Made with premium American leather.


  • Horizontal Orientation: eliminates discomfort when sitting down or bending over.
  • Dual Belt Straps: provides stability and keeps the magazine tight against your body.
  • Velcro Flap Closure: secures and provides 95% visual coverage of the magazine.
  • Depth Adjustment Screw: allows short/compact magazines to be carried.
Available in One Size
  • HMC-1 for single-stack .380 ACP. Fits most small .380 magazines that are no longer than 4”. Max magazine dimensions 1.1”x.44”x4”. *EG-Ruger LCP, Sig P238, Kel-Tec P3AT, KAHR P380. (NOT for Glock 42).
Proudly made in the USA

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