Entrada™ Flexible Appendix Holster

The Black Arch Entrada™ is the newest appendix-specific holster from Black Arch Holsters.   Designed from the ground up for maximum comfort, fit, and versatility. 


  • Flexible mag/holster connection
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Adjustable ModWing™ to reduce printing
  • Adjustable Mag Retention
  • Suppressor sight, optic, and compensator compatibility

** "Suppressor sight compatible" means a sight channel height of .45" - any sights taller than that will not fit **


Standard Holster of the Month Entradas will have the back shell made with black kydex. Light bearing Hoslters of the Month will have the back shell made to match the front.

Mulitcam Black Light Bearing Entrada holsters will have the back shell made with MCB (no substitutions). 

Fit Information: The Glock 19 model of the Entrada™ comes with an open end, and is designed to work with any of the double stack 9mm Glocks from the Glock 26 up to the 17L. This includes models 26, 19, 19X, 45, 17, 34. Compatible with generations 3-5. Not compatible with .40 and .357 Sig models.

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